Weeks 4 & 5 League Update

19 June 2022
Week 4
The fourths had a week off so challenged the 2nds to a friendly, and although they lost they gave them a run for their money. The 2nds sadly had a tough 40 loss against a strong Fairhaven side.
The 5ths had a tough match away at Thornton losing 3 1 although fun was had by all
The 3rds had a tough 3 1 loss at home to Fulwood
Due to the jubilee festivities the firsts game was cancelled this week.
Week 5
The fifths had a 31 win vs Garstang including a debut for one of our juniors who then also debuted for the 4ths the very next night.
The fourths had double matches this week. A 22 draw and a 31 win sending them flying up the table.
The firsts managed a 22 draw away at Leyland.
The 3rd team channeled their inner Nadal mentality and got a 22 draw on the clay courts at Broughton
The 2nd team got a 22 draw vs Norbreck, swapping their home and away matches around.
So where does that leave all the teams
The 1sts are 3rd out of 7
The 2nds are 5th out of 7
The 3rds are 3rd out of 7
The 4ths are 5th out of 7
The 5ths are 6th out of 11.
It’s been a fun and enjoyable start to the season.