The Dome – update 7 December 2021

7 December 2021

The loss adjusters have now inspected the damage and will report back to the insurance company. It seems highly unlikely that the dome can be repaired but even if it can then the time frame for getting the dome back into operation will not be much different from providing a new dome. Neither option could be completed before the end of January/mid February.

Our priority now is to clear the damaged membrane from the court so that play can re-commence on courts 3 & 4 albeit without the benefit of protection from the elements. To do this we need to get the ‘go ahead’ from the insurers and they are not noted for speedy decisions.

Because of the time frame in restoring the dome we now intend to start the process of sending out refunds to those who have paid for bookings  which have been cancelled.

Over the next few days a note will go out to the individuals concerned regarding the amounts due and how they can be refunded. At this stage we are grateful to those who have said that they are happy  not to take the refund and for any amounts due to remain in Club funds


The Committee