Winter Ladder


Every year towards the end of September, we invite all members to take part in the ‘Winter Social League’ – the format is mixed doubles and weather permitting each participant could have two different partners.

This is a fun league to enable new and existing members to perhaps partner other members they may not normally meet.

We will have 2 rounds of competition beginning in October and running through to March.

It is a good way to keep your tennis going throughout the winter months and to allow the bar to stay open!

Michael Waite Memorial Trophy

One Lady Member and one Gentleman Member will be presented with the Michael Waite Memorial Trophy, chosen by the organisers ( based on player contribution to the competition over the 2 rounds )

Winter Ladder Format

Court Usage

The Committee has agreed that players participating in the Winter League can put 2 coins in for lights which will enable one hour of play.

If after one hour, there are no other players waiting for a court then play can continue. No restrictions exist for playing in daylight hours.

Match Play

Each match shall consist of 15 games played.


  • One point is earned for turning up
  • One point is earned for each 5 games won
  • One additional point is awarded to the winning team per match

Submitting Match Results

Match results should submitted to one of the League Managers:

Remember there are only 2 rounds – and points make prizes!