Online AGM


The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is online-only.

This is owing to the current Covid-19 restrictions surrounding our standard “Clubhouse AGM” – which was due/planned for 25th November 2020.


  • The AGM closes at midnight, Sunday 22nd November.
  • Financially sensitive documents have been emailed directly to members.

How does the Online AGM Work?

  1. The committee have published and collated 5 documents, available in PDF format below.
  2. Please review the Agenda before you place your vote, as this contains relevant information.
  3. Place your votes in the form below, and Submit

Results will be processed by the Club Secretary after the closing date.

Available Documents

All documents are available in PDF format, for easy access in a browser.

Cast your Vote

The AGM voting form has been disabled ( voting complete )